How Control Oily Skin With Oily Skin Mask

Oily Skin Care is a difficult task. Oily skin needs extra care. Sebaceous glands are responsible for oily skin. Oils produced by the body help keep skin healthy and fresh. But excessive production of oil by sebaceous glands in the skin leaves some unwanted effects. Excessive oil production creates acne on the skin.

How to Control Oily Skin

There are a lot of ways to maintain skin. People with oily skin have to do extra care to keep skin complexions fresh & fair. They should avoid dust and heat to maintain skin normally. Dust turns the oily skin blackish and faddish. Your face skin will not be glowing.

Sometimes you have to consult a DERMATOLOGIST for expert opinion. Oily skin can be maintained by using a cleanser. Cleansing your face at night and in the morning is the most effective way to keep your oily skin fresh.

Dermatologists advise using gentle cleansers as harsh soap can damage the skin and trigger excessive oil production. Gently wash your face with your hands. Please don’t use a washcloth on your face, and it stimulates your skin to produce more oil. Instead of using protective measures, you can apply some homemade tips to keep your oily skin fresh. 

Oily Skin Mask

  • Cabbage juice 4 spoons 
  • Rosewater one spoon 
  • Olive oil few drops 

Method to Use:

Mix all the things well and use the solution on your face softly with the help of cotton. Please keep it on your face for 15 minutes, then wash your face with Luke’s warm water. Use some moisturizing cream on your face. It is a very useful remedy for oily skincare

Oily Skin Mask:

  • Wheat flour 4 Spoons 
  • yolk 2 Units 
  • Rosewater One Spoon 
  • Milk One big spoon 

Method to use:

Mix all the things well and use the mixture on your face. Last for 15 minutes and wash with Luke’s warm water. It’s a very useful remedy for oily skincare. Must these tips to maintain your oily skin fresh and glowing.

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